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5/26/2024 at Cottage Grove Speedway - Cottage Grove, OR

360 Sprints - Winged
The final night of the big show with the biggest talent in Sprint Car racing battling for $4100 and the title of Marvin Champion followed by a huge fireworks show!

Trey Starks

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 2819.56775th
Dash 1Time: 98.96177th
Heat 2Time: 368.76442nd
Qualifying 2Time: 10.91441st

360 Sprints - Winged

A Feature 1

41 laps | 00:46:55
12Tanner HolmesJacksonville, OR18T
21Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR7
34Garen LinderCentral Point, OR22
412Tony GomesModesto, CA8R
57Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
66Robbie PriceCobble Hill, BC21P
75Colton HeathMarysville, WA33H
810Greg HamiltonBurlington, WA96
913Kinzer CoxCottage Grove, OR1K
1015Cam SmithMill Creek, WA17
1117Levi KlattLangley, BC77
1222Kelly MillerStirling, AB2JR
1318Luke DidiukVancouver, BC9A
1411Camden RobustelliMedford, OR9T
158Kyle AlberdingWinston, OR33
1616Ryan HirschbockKlamath Falls, OR78
1723Jordan MilneEdmonton, AB3
183Jake HaulotCotati, CA7H
1914Bailey HibbardMedford, OR1H
2021Duke JohnsonPortland, OR151
219Jesse SchlotfeldtArlington, WA21
2219Johnny BurkeMedford, OR21B
2320Levi KuntzCarnation, WA29K
2424Shane ForteJunction City, OR26F

B Feature 1

12 laps | 00:21:54
12Duke JohnsonPortland, OR151
23Kelly MillerStirling, AB2JR
31Jordan MilneEdmonton, AB3
411Shane ForteJunction City, OR26F
55Mike BrownKenai, AK1M
66Brian BoswellRoseburg, OR75
77Steve SmithAlbany, OR35
812Timothy SmithWinston, OR35JR
94Ricky AshleyThurston, OR85
108Melissa SolesbeeCottage Grove, OR34
119T.J. RichmanDeer Island, OR34R
DNS-Kyle WoodcockOroville, CA40

Dash 1

6 laps | 00:01:33
12Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR7
24Tanner HolmesJacksonville, OR18T
31Jake HaulotCotati, CA7H
46Garen LinderCentral Point, OR22
53Colton HeathMarysville, WA33H
68Robbie PriceCobble Hill, BC21P
77Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
85Kyle AlberdingWinston, OR33

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:01:49
12Kinzer CoxCottage Grove, OR1K
21Levi KlattLangley, BC77
33Jesse SchlotfeldtArlington, WA21
44Garen LinderCentral Point, OR22
55Jordan MilneEdmonton, AB3
66Mike BrownKenai, AK1M
77T.J. RichmanDeer Island, OR34R

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:06:08
12Bailey HibbardMedford, OR1H
24Trey StarksPuyallup, WA55
33Greg HamiltonBurlington, WA96
45Levi KuntzCarnation, WA29K
51Duke JohnsonPortland, OR151
67Brian BoswellRoseburg, OR75
76Kyle WoodcockOroville, CA40

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:04:10
12Cam SmithMill Creek, WA17
21Johnny BurkeMedford, OR21B
34Robbie PriceCobble Hill, BC21P
43Camden RobustelliMedford, OR9T
56Kelly MillerStirling, AB2JR
67Steve SmithAlbany, OR35
DNS-Shane ForteJunction City, OR26F

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:03:48
12Ryan HirschbockKlamath Falls, OR78
23Tony GomesModesto, CA8R
31Luke DidiukVancouver, BC9A
44Kyle AlberdingWinston, OR33
56Ricky AshleyThurston, OR85
65Melissa SolesbeeCottage Grove, OR34
77Timothy SmithWinston, OR35JR

Qualifying 1

2 laps | 00:09:07
113Garen LinderCentral Point, OR2211.207
26Robbie PriceCobble Hill, BC21P11.244
312Jesse SchlotfeldtArlington, WA2111.244
45Camden RobustelliMedford, OR9T11.334
53Kinzer CoxCottage Grove, OR1K11.356
69Cam SmithMill Creek, WA1711.366
7-Levi KlattLangley, BC7711.376
88Johnny BurkeMedford, OR21B11.667
911Jordan MilneEdmonton, AB311.697
1010Shane ForteJunction City, OR26F11.705
114Mike BrownKenai, AK1M11.825
122Kelly MillerStirling, AB2JR11.827
131T.J. RichmanDeer Island, OR34R12.147
147Steve SmithAlbany, OR3513.415

Qualifying 2

2 laps | 00:00:47
14Trey StarksPuyallup, WA5510.914
2-Kyle AlberdingWinston, OR3311.224
310Greg HamiltonBurlington, WA9611.402
412Tony GomesModesto, CA8R11.415
59Bailey HibbardMedford, OR1H11.462
67Ryan HirschbockKlamath Falls, OR7811.515
711Duke JohnsonPortland, OR15111.520
82Luke DidiukVancouver, BC9A11.557
91Levi KuntzCarnation, WA29K11.787
106Melissa SolesbeeCottage Grove, OR3411.897
113Kyle WoodcockOroville, CA4011.985
125Ricky AshleyThurston, OR8512.103
1313Brian BoswellRoseburg, OR7512.147
148Timothy SmithWinston, OR35JR13.297

Hot Laps 1

14Colton HeathMarysville, WA33H
21Tyler ThompsonHarrisburg, OR7
32Tanner HolmesJacksonville, OR18T
43Jake HaulotCotati, CA7H
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